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When the Old becomes New

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

Do you know your floor’s history? Who walked it a generation ago, and what building materials can say about an industry or its community?


For 40 years, a particular cooperative warehouse for independent tobacco growers thrived in Central Kentucky for 40 years until a shift in the economy closed its doors forever. The size of tobacco’s role in Kentucky’s economy can’t be overstated, as is evident by the scale of our Barnchasers’ current project.


What kind of scale are we talking about? The vast 100,000 square feet structure spans three acres, and will yield about 160000 ft of reclaimed lumber, making it the largest deconstruction we’ve ever undertaken. However, greater still was what this building represented to its community since it was erected in the mid 1960s. It served as a cornerstone of the area’s economic foundation by providing autonomous farmers with a venue to earn an equitable wage while selling their crops free of contract.


The beams and boards that once helped support a community’s welfare will readily satisfy any structural or aesthetic design you’re faced with. All of the LEED Certified materials removed from this site are of an exceptional quality, and the lumber recovered will gain new life as your beautifully sophisticated flooring, continue to provide support in your traditional Timberframe construction, and lend its own history to yours when installed as decorative beams.


There will always be rapid change in our tumultuous economic climate, which can be offset through the use of reclaimed materials, and sustainable design. However, true value can be found when we preserve and perpetuate the legacy inherent to the material, becoming partners with the past.

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