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Reclaimed Flooring made from Waste Vegetable Oil?????

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

This does not even make sense...How can reclaimed flooring be made from Waste Vegetable Oil???  In our continuing efforts to be as eco-friendly as we can be, we are always looking for new ways to green our processes.  Recently, we teamed up with an Amish mill who already work without the modern conveniences the power grid provides.  They operate all of their machinery using a 6 cylinder Perkins diesel engine to power a series of hydraulic motors that operate the planers, ripsaws, and moulders that make each piece of our flooring and furniture!  Thanks to some local restaurants we have worked for over the years, we are recycling their waste vegetable oil from the fryers into a useable fuel for our woodworking operations! 
The mill was using around 100 gallons of diesel fuel a week to produce flooring and furniture, today, they are using about 5-10 gallons of diesel fuel, and up to 90 gallons of Waste Vegetable Oil.  The result...Still the most high end reclaimed flooring and furniture money can buy, but with a very friendly carbon footprint.  I repeat, NO ELECTRICITY, NO COAL, & MINIMAL DEPENDANCE ON OIL.
The estimated reduction in carbon emission goes from 4.98 metric tons of carbon, to .33 metric tons a year...can your reclaimed wood company say this???

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