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Life is Good for Many Moons Design

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

Earlier this year, we participated in the annual Life is Good Outdoor Retailer Exhibition, and were pretty proud of the result. Using a tobacco barn that once stood on the banks of the Kentucky and Ohio Rivers, we created a display that combined design aspects native to the south, with themes prevalent in the Northeast to create a completely unique aesthetic sensibility.
We began by disassembling the historic structure, a two story modular timber frame barn with a loft, and reconstructed it within the Salt Palace Convention Center. Once built, we painted the entire repurposed structure red, white, and blue. Next, we accentuated the interior and facade with nautical elements commonly associated with destinations such as Cape Cod.
The resulting creation blends the handcrafted heritage of the South with the rich maritime tradition of the Northeast to create a style which is 50% historic, 50% cutting edge, and 100% American. The end product was so successful that Life is Good will be utilizing it to showcase their 2013 line to retailers across the country!

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