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Kudos to Chef Ouita Michel, our Green Champion for 2010!!!!

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

Wow...Need I say more!  Ouida Michel...What a green entrepreneur! 
When Ouida called on Many Moons to deliver an eco-friendly fitup to her new local first restaurant/country store, we could not resist.  Ouida wanted an interior and exterior decor that was as local as the food she would be serving.  She actually had the great idea to run barn siding horizontally for the exterior which turned our to be a fun challenge for Many Moons...We had the task of creating a siding material that would be easy to install, but still have the original weathered face and edge.  Check out the picture below!

We also wanted to provide the most eco-friendly flooring for the restaurant.  Our Throroughbred Oak was a perfect fit for a reclaimed floor.  The wood used to make the flooring came off of horse farms within 10 miles of the restaurant.  Click here to go to the Thoroughbred Oak flooring page.  If you are in Lexington, and want a great local eats, check out Windy Corner at the corner of Muir Station and Bryan Station Road.

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