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Cradle to Grave. Grave to Table!

by walt barlow on 01/22/13

As the colors of the leaves change throughout the Blue Ridge mountains this Fall, we're constantly reminded that transformation is among us.  The beauty and lushness of vegetation wilts, becoming nourishing mulch and groundcover to care for next year's rebirth.  Nothing is wasted in nature.  Nothing is taken for granted.

There's a barn in northern Kentucky that is undergoing its Autumn, so to speak.  And we wanted our friends and sustainable design enthusiasts to see how the Many Moons transformation works, from beginning to end (or end to beginning?).

This video is Part I of the transformation process, narrated by our very own Tommy Whittaker.  Of course, Tommy being Tommy, you may also learn more than you bargained for along the way... Tommy loves to learn as much as he can about the history of the buildings we repurpose, the area and available wood and the current property owner.

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