One of our favorite sites is seeing the century-old tobacco barn set in a in a picturesque pasture as I drive the backroads of Kentucky. From far away, the barn looks small, but as we approach, we begin to appreciate its grandeur. Entering the barn, we smell the beautiful aroma of a century's worth of tobacco being hung and dried, aging until the big day of the sale.

As the allure of tobacco fades into the past, so does the usefulness of the tobacco barn. These barns were typically constructed using oak trees that presumably were felled to make way for the new barn they would build, and the patch the barn would support. In a time when commercial lumber was not readily available, the resourceful and crafty farmer would harvest his own trees and haul them to the local sawmill to be sawn into useful lumber for building barns.


Re-Sawn Oak
Re-sawn from old growth reclaimed oak, this floor presents itself eloquently with a beautiful grain and patina that will never be attained from today’s fast growth lumber. Offered in widths from 3” - 10", this floor is sure to be your next conversation piece. Each floor comes with a provenance that is sure to impress!
Original Surface Oak
Just as the farmer a century ago meticulously constructed his barn for the harvest, we re-harvest these treasures board by board. To honor the farmer who had the ingenuity to create the structure, we mill this floor to keep the original circle saw marks intact and lightly sand the face and edge of each plank. The original surface Kentucky Tobacco Barn oak flooring comes in widths of 3” - 10" and will add instant charm and character to your home or business.
Many Moons Design, LLC., Flooring Hardwood, Lexington, KY
Re-Sawn Oak